The constant search for quality, has made that Bodegas Casas Polonio one of the most innovate wineries in the Area, with over 7000 m2.


Bodegas Casas Polonio has:

Cellar for receipt, processing and maintanance.
Chamber heated parenting.
Bottling Plant.
Area bag in box filling for 3, 5 and 10 liters.
Laboratory and quality control.


The guidding philosophy of Bodegas Casas Polonio is “Work with Passion”. For these reason, the whole process leading to the production of wine undergoes and in-depth analysis. The vineyard are controlled exhaustively by our technicians and experts throught the growth cycle, yielding a production of the highest quality. This also gives them in-depth information about all the grapes to be used in our elaboration before they reach our facilities.